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Its Billy Bonier here at London Supermodel Escorts the only trusted review site for Europe and specially the UK where me old ancestors all emigrated away to other parts of the world as fast as they could move their wee little feet.

I love women, I love to be with them and what I love the most is Supermodels who moonlight as escorts or escorts who could have been super models. The only way know how to get these beautiful girls is to either marry one, be richer than her or just pay her for an hour of her time, you know I like to keep things simple.

However I’ve never been able to find any sites or agencies that could give me what I want or need…a genuinely beautiful super model without having to go through so many issues of people using fake pictures, fake profiles or have in some cases have been total scammers

We’ve been working for a while on our new site London SE AKA London Supermodel Escorts for the past year or so. It all started between a bunch of mates over a round of drinks in the early hours of the morning in a very high end gastro pub in west London, we asked ourselves being hobbyists exploring the finest high class escorts in London.

Why are there no good review sites for these high class agencies?

Most of the reviews are the agency themselves and those who use their services are disinclined from leaving reviews like normal punters.

We found ourselves designing a wordpress site with the full intention to review as many sites as we could starting from London, cause thats where lived and we were all too broke to move to LA

So anyway folks if your curious take a look at some of our reviews and articles