A film critics review of love, lust, adult humour and the high class escort industry.

Good films usually have a top rated renowned producer behind it, otherwise it needs to have an exceptional story line or at least target those audience groups with certain sinful taste buds.  The movie ‘Pretty Women’ from the 90’s certainly grabbed the attention of female viewers.  Whilst the movie ‘50 shades of grey’ touched the younger audience. This film was about a wealthy person’s sexual proclivities; full of nude and fetish scenes thought out, and it’s no wonder the film had such a hit with the young audience.  

We all want a delightful story, and a bit of sexual action is good for the mind and body.  So, just a year later another movie was released; The Escort. It certainly grabbed the attention of so many viewers that liked a mix of adult humour and erotism.  The movie is about a sex-addicted journalist that gets highly involved in the world of high class escorts.  To find out more about this film full of adult action, you can either visit IMDB movies to check the reviews or read on to here.  

Most people do not know what women in this profession do, and this movie gives the opportunity to find out from the perspective of sex addict journalist, and of course with a touch of humour.   With such a broad definition of the term ‘escort’, most would not know about how satisfying an escort service can be unless they used a highly reviewed escort agency in London.  Luckily the movie, does all this for the guys out there that want to find out more about escort services.  Generally wealthy men book escorts for many reasons and women do escorting for a high-end lifestyle.   Being in the company of a beautiful women is every mans desire, but most people would not even be thinking of using such sensual services. However, for those men that watched the escort movie and wanted to find out more about escort agencies they can click here to read the FAQ to get all their questions answered.