What Exactly Happens Between An High Class Escort And A Client 

Female Escorts get paid to spend time with men, usually by the hour and sometimes by the night.  Each client is different in terms of personality and needs and various expectations of an escort girl.  The client may pay an escort to have coffee, go for a walk in the park, go to a family event as a girlfriend, a dinner date, or business appointment.  Most escort events start with talking over a glass of wine or a beer, and this is especially important when a client is nervous.  Usually escorts know this from the very first contact as the client may be shaking and sweating and look visibly anxious.  An experienced escort can help relax a man by starting a friendly conversation.  

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

When people think about escorting they think about sex and they imagine it’s very exotic. However, it is more cuddle and talk, just regular stuff men do when in the company of a beautiful women.  High class escorts in London usually charge rates from £500 per hour to the average client that is usually a middle-class man; some may be married and some not.   Many of the clients are in a job in finance or IT, whilst others are travelling into London for business and staying in a luxury hotel.  Occasionally couples may book escorts to satisfy various fetish desires.  Some international escorts are booked as travel companions, whilst other escorts are booked as arm candy for the rich sugar daddies  

Escorts service is about providing quality time and companionship to a man with needs, and anything that happens during that time is a result of 2 consenting adults being together.  No escort will want to define what this means, although most escorts will agree that it involves physical contact inside the bedroom.  Even if an escort will allow physical contact to turn into something more sexual in bed, many men may prefer to just talk and to a good listener … then cuddle and go home.  Older men usually enjoy a beautiful female companion to talk, discuss their jobs, life problems such as relationships or marriages.  Whilst young clients may have a different purpose of visiting an escort, and activities such as talking a cuddling may be way of their agenda.  Young men usually have more sexual desires and less worries in life, and their companionship with a beautiful woman usually means bed time fun.