London over time is famous known for delicious recipes, diverse cultures, and superb architecture. Hence, with time, it has grown to be one of the priciest locations on earth. Like many other metropolitan cities, London features many beautiful homes with an expensive high price.

We discuss six of the most expensive locations in London

  1. Kensington 

Ever played the famous monopoly game? Then Kensington should come to mind. Besides, even in the game, Kensington is one of the costliest properties to buy. Only the affluent are found in this area because the average price of a square foot is roughly 1,200 pounds.

Kensington houses lots of famous politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities like Madonna, Lakshmi Mittal etc. there is a restricted museum, an underground swimming pool with lots of private cinemas.

  1. Knightsbridge

With an Underground Station next to Hyde Park (the costliest private real estate in the UK), Knightsbridge is one of the most expensive locations in London. Located in Central London to the West, it features iconic Harvey Nichols and luxury stores.

This neighborhood is synonymous with the former residence of Princess Diana. Properties here are only available to the wealthy. Royal Albert Hall, the Victoria and Albert Museum are located in South Kensington

  1. Chelsea

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in London, Chelsea features a median home price valued today at around £1.35 million. Chelsea is home to Prince Harry and features a special Flower Show at the Royal hospital. It houses famous artist and has once been home to Kylie Minogue.

It is not surprising this settlement is well known for celebrities like Vivienne Westwood, by Paltrow Gwyneth and Piers Morgan. There is a rose named after Prince William Kate in Chelsea

  1. Notting Hill

This location should be familiar if you have seen the Julia Robert’s movie which featured Hugh Grant. While the movie transformed Notting Hill to a popular neighborhood, the press has also testified of the positivity of the location. It is a very popular place for the famous and wealthy with residents like Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth Murdoch and daughter of Sir Paul McCartney.

The highest property in this area is valued at 13.5 million pounds

  1. City of Westminster

Located just right in the middle of Central London is Westminster City, very close to Chelsea and Kensington. This is a classic tourist hotspot housing Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

This neighborhood features easy transportation that links every part of the city. There are historical buildings as well as flourishing businesses making the City of Westminster a worthwhile attraction to many.

  1. West Brompton

Being the borough of Chelsea and Kensington, West Brompton is one of the classy locations in London. There are landmark locations like the Troubadour Café – Bob Dylan’s maiden gig location.

The Football Club of Chelsea is a stone throw away as well. In this neighborhood, the middle price of a property is valued at a million pounds; it is not surprising it is one of the most expensive locations in London.