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11 July 2018 – Guys we will be getting one of our reviewed sites to come on board and they will sponsoring us for an entire year. Obviously we will be making sure that our reviews fair and full of juicy details

09 July 2018 — I can’t believe it we have an all European world cup and theres been a massive rush in agencies being requested for their services. Next week I have an interview with one of the waitresses from the Kitty Kitten Club in Knightsbridge….

05 July 2018 — Guys we cant wait to introduce Elite City Escorts a high class escort agency based in Mayfair, London. While our full review is on its way including all the other websites and agencies comparing this London agency with their best competition, however I can say that this exclusive agency has been around for a while and the quality of their supermodels is stunning. However I review will give you the full details on why this agency is so special and what makes them a hidden gem in London’s saturated escort market

Elite City Escorts Agency in London
Promo from Elite City Escorts Agency

02 July 2018 —Hey folks its Billy Bonnier and I’m announcing a quick disclaimer that we are about to get sponsored by one of the sites that will be featured on our review section. I have always promised you guys an honest and trust worthy reviews that you expect such as our review on the movie The Escort. You will love the story of a sex addicted journalist drawn into the glamorously exciting lifestyle of a high class escort

22 June 2018 — Here at London Special Escorts our goal is to review adult sites & Services. And we are going to make sure you get the most honest news and reviews we can find for you

We are here to support your search for the best Escort & Adult sites

You may know that when it comes finding and trusting the right service online at best can be called an adventure and when it gets really bad your slogging through so many sites and services that your eyes will fall out from exhaustion. So here at London SE we are here to help guide you through the nightmare world of trusted adult sites and services in sexy London.

The goal for this site first and formost is to give you accurate data on the sites we recommend and the adult services being run in London, from Kitten Parties to booking groups of gorgeous high end escorts no matter what you want out of your adult playground we will give it to you, our years of knowledge will help you find what you want, when you want it. We don’t want you to waste your hard earned cash

We respect our readers and understand they want quality reviews without the hassle of being subjugated to searching online like a lost tourist. No one feels good being a lost tourist. We understand that you want uniased, honest and we take your support very seriously and will do our best to give you the best reviews and stories about London that you won’t find out on any other site